Program Leader : Dr. Begüm Çıvgın
Age: 12-14 Years
Education Period: 1 Day

The aim of “Who shakes our world?” program is to raise awareness of students as regards what happens to the earth during an earthquake and how it reflects on the earth’s surface, and ensure that they have taken necessary precautions before and act safely during an earthquake.

The panic during an earthquake generally arises from the lack of knowledge on ‘what’s going on within the Earth?’. The context of our program includes; an overview of the earth, the physical processes required for an earthquake to occur, movement of the seismic waves inside the Earth that are released during an earthquake, the way that seismic waves reach the surface and effects of them, earthquakestructure interactions and, what to do before and during an earthquake.

The benefits that students are expected to obtain are listed below.
– Identifies the important concepts related to the earthquake.
– Explains the difference between the concept of the magnitude and intensity.
– Sorts the layers of the Earth.
– Creates a scaled model of the ‘Earth’s internal structure’ by using dough.
– Explains plate movements that cause earthquakes.
– Explains how faults are broken.
– Associates the earthquake with fault rupture.
– Recognizes a fault trace in the nature.
– Defines the waves that cause the earth shake when an earthquake occurs.
– Simulates the movement of seismic waves.
– Explains how structures are affected by earthquakes.
– Takes the necessary measures before a probable earthquake.
– Moves in the safest way without panicking during an earthquake.
– Shares the information about safety precautions to be taken before and during an earthquake, with people around.
– Inferences about the possible effects of the earthquake.
– Acts in accordance to give full swing to help / search-and-rescue operations after the earthquake.
– Evaluates an example situation created in terms of non-structural safety measures to be taken before an earthquake.

A child should know how to behave during an earthquake after obtaining all these attainments. The main reason of loss of life and property in an earthquake is the poor construction. An important step in this regard will be taken if the young generation becomes aware enough about building earthquake-resistant structures. Children will act consciously during an earthquake through the catchy activities and visuals. Students are also actively involved in the activities during the program.

Little-aged individuals who learn how to act within earthquake-resistant structures and outdoors will demonstrate conscious behaviors in case of an earthquake thanks to the catchy activities and visuals. The program involves activities that allow active participation of students.
Activities are carried out in Ankara University Earthquake Research and Application Center (ADAUM, Belbaşı, Ankara).