Program Leader : Prof. Dr. Ahmet ALTINDAĞ
Age: 6-16 Years
Education Period: 2 Days
Water School aims to introduce and popularize aquatic ecosystems as one of our major natural resources, and raise awareness as regards protection in primary and secondary school students during the educational program on water and wetlands. The ever-increasing effect of global warming on the world and Turkey threatens our wetlands, which are fading out each and every day. Therefore activities for the protection of the wetlands have become much more importance.
In recent years, lots of lakes in our country (Akşehir Lake, Seyfe Lake, Meke Lake, Tuz Lake) have disappeared or started to disappear for various reasons (global warming, unconscious use of water, pollution, use of underground water without permission and so on). To protect our natural resources and to leave them to the next generations, this kind awareness of studies is needed immediately.
The School of Wetland Education, is aimed to allow the student to explore the living things in water and to be introduced to a new world, to acquire awareness about the situation of our water resources and their protection, with fun applications and information and to familiarize them to our wetlands.

– Introduction of our water resources and the Lake of Mogan
– Aquatic living beings and their importance
– Factors, which threaten wetlands
– Global warming and its effects
– Protection of wetlands
– Practical studies at lake field
– Plankton (mostly microscopic living beings which live in the water)
– Fish education and application
– Laboratory studies
– Benthic (invertebrate living beings which live at the bottom of the water) education
and application
– Ecology education and application
– National and international environment pacts, which are for the protection of wetlands
– And various activities (Fishing with a fishing rod, painting, drama, photography contests, puzzle, games and so on)