Program Leader : Prof. Dr. Timur GÜLTEKİN
Age: 10-12 Years
Education Period: 6 Days

The school of life sciences is an educational program which is created for the purpose of; to introduce the adults of tomorrow to the concept of university, to purify them of the notion ‘other’, to draw their attention to the nature and the environment they live in, to make the concepts and facts, which could not be made tangible, clearer and understandable for the target group with suitable methods, to endear the science to children starting from the early ages, to allow the children to recognize that they can make contributions to the world of science, to improve their skills of researching, asking questions and wondering and to save them from dogmatic thinking, to teach that science is a part of life, to increase the creativity of children, to make the science more generally accessible, to allow the children to know themselves biologically by a method. The purpose of the School of Life Sciences, is to improve the responsibility and consciousness of students, to purify them of the notion ‘other’, and to make the science culture and university concepts tangible. And also to provide different, interesting and scientific answers to the questions which children are curious about, and the dults find hard to answer; by playing games and making research and experiments.
The main purpose of the School of Life Sciences is to teach the students the basic knowledge about life, accompanied by drama and by having fun. The information provided in this program will allow the students to improve their scientific thinking and curiosity and thus to get rid of dogmatic thoughts. At the School of Life Sciences, the students have the opportunity to know themselves biologically, by a method which participation is encouraged.

In this program, which based on the idea that way of best learning is by trying and having fun. At the beginning of the program a group of children makes measurements and examinations on basic body components and bones, in a small laboratory environment, which is prepared for them. It is provided that the children get to know their body types, and understand which sport branch they are suitable for anatomically. Besides these, the main properties of humans, which separate them from other living things, the body structure of human, nutrition, genetic obesity, and sports are main subjects, which are approached at this program. We invite all students to the “School of Life Sciences”!
The School of Life Sciences is a one-week program. It is conducted at summer or semester holidays of students. The School of Life Sciences is conducted at Ilgaz facilities of our university at semester holidays. Winter camp educational program consists of skiing lessons in the morning and activities of The School of Life Sciences in the afternoon. Summer camp is conducted at Manavgat facilities of our university. In this camp, swimming lessons in the morning and the program of The School of Life Sciences in the afternoon is followed.

Visual Presentation
The scope and content of The School of Life Sciences is prepared for the students of 10-12 age group. Considering the perceptional traits of the students of this age group and the subjects at school curriculum, visual presentations are prepared to make the subjects more simple and permanent for participants.
The activities of workshops are prepared appropriately for the children of 10-12 years’ of age group and the scope, achievements and content of their educational program.