Instructor : Assist. Prof. Dr. Aykut KALAYCIOĞLU
Age: 12 Years
Education Period: 1 Day

Saving Detectives is an applied training program developed for students at 5th grade of primary schools. Program contains electricity generations; alternative energy sources an energy saving subjects. The purpose of the program is to serve internalizing the knowledge that children already have or they are going to learn during the program and transfer them to the daily life practices. By this way, it is going to be possible transforming the knowledge to practice and transferring it to the daily life practices.

Saving dedectives was prepared to create awareness in society with the general aim of saving energy and the others are;
– Providing information about the concept and the production of electricity
– Informing students about alternative energy sources
– Having active applications for electricity production and energy conversion
– Drawing attention to the importance of energy saving
– Giving information about energy saving methods
– To make energy-saving practices
– To promote energy saving in the home

The project aims to inform students about energy production, raise awareness as regards controlled energy consumption, and internalize energy-saving methods. It is anticipated that the children will reflect their knowledge into their lives and encourage their family and social environment towards energy-savings at home. Designed as a one-day practical education program, children learn by playing through drama-supported activities and use and internalize what they have learned via computer-aided applications and practical daily life practices.

The activities included in the saving detectives program are as follows;
– Introduction – Acquaintance Activities
– I Generate Electricity
– Alternative Energy Sources
– Energy Saving
– Indoor energy-saving methods and simulator competition
– Indoor saving competition