Training Time   Academic Field

Program Coordinator

Introduction Program


Is There   Anyone Among You Who Does Not Like Math?”

1 day

Mathematics Education

Exp. Ece Özdoğan

Insect Festival School



Prof. Dr. Cem Özkan

Children Are Discovering Modern Art

4 week

(Once a week)

History of Art

Prof. Dr. Kıymet Giray

Who Shakes Our World?

1 day

Geophysical Engineering

Res.Assist.Dr. Begüm   Çıvgın

School Of Philosophy

6 day


Prof. Dr. Sabri Büyükdüvenci

Astronomy School

1 day

Astronomy and Space Science

Prof. Dr. Selim Osman   Selam

Human Rights Theather


3 week

(Once a week)

Political Science / International Relations

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdem   Denk

Water School/Blue Planet

2 day


Prof. Dr. Ahmet   Altındağ

School Of Soil Science

1 day


Prof. Dr. Sevinç Arcak

Saving Detectives

1 day

Electronic Engineering

Exp. Umut Oğur

Creative Ideas


14 week

(Once a week)

Electronic Engineering

Exp. Umut Oğur

School Of Life Sciences

6 day


Prof. Dr. Timur   Gültekin

Children And Architecture

10 half-day

Pre-school education

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek   Acer