Program Leader : Assist Prof. Dr. Hilal TUNCA
Age: 11 Years
Education Period: Half Day

Nowadays, Due to the negative effects of chemical pesticides used against pest in the fields of agriculture and forestry, environmentally friendly pest control methods have gained more importance. One of these methods is ‘biological control. Biological control provides a natural protection on our plants. We can define biological control as beneficial insects (parasitoid and predator) can be used againts insect pest in the areas of agriculture and forestry.

In our country, the importance of beneficial insects have not been recognized yet except of the people which interest with this subject. All insects are perceived as pests that exists in nature.Therefore, İt is very important to be defined phenomenon of pest and beneficial insect in society. It is much more advantageous when assessing regarding to its sustainable aspests of the phenomenon occures at the beginning of childhood stage. Benificial insect destroy insect pest in our plants. For this reson beneficial insects can be regarded as their friends. In teaching-learning activities are followed to the stages of the learning cycle 5E. This process consist of five phases paying attention, scouting, explanation, deepening and evaluation.