Program Leader :
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Duygu ÖZEL DEMİRALP
10-13 Years
Education Period:
1 Day

The main objective of Life’s Code DNA Science School is to teach the fundamental concepts of science, especially the DNA molecule which is the basis of molecular biology and genetics, in details appropriate to the students’ age groups. Right after the Human Genome Project, the vast amount of knowledge in the context of molecular biology is now a field by which every student has to be familiar with.

In the context of this programme, it is aimed to explain the basic molecular biology concepts like genetic material, DNA code, the effect of DNA code to phenotype; to describe the cell, smallest unit of the living organisms, microscopic investigation of protist groups, and to gain the abilities, like viewing and focusing the specimen and calibrating the light for using light microscope; to perform the experimental protocols of DNA isolation to visualize the DNA structure; and to instruct the scientific knowledge and scientific method with activities like drama, animation and video presentations and 3D DNA models.

By making the surprising experiments with simple materials, improving the participants’ interests on scientific studies and developing the problem solving abilities is also intended. In the context of this scientific activity, it is not only aimed to explain the basic molecular biology concepts, but also to develop students who are more susceptible and respectful to nature, eager to know his environment, curious and interrogative.


– Learning the DNA
– Drama and DNA
– DNA Melodies
– Can we see the DNA?
– Which things have DNA in nature?