Program Leader : Expert Ece ÖZDOĞAN ÖZBAL
Age: 6-14 Years
Education Period: 1 Day

The aim of preparing “Is There Anyone Among You Who Does Not Like Math?” program is to provide developing students’ awareness of mathematics in our lives, helping to connect with science and daily life, discovering the nature of science and scientific method, realizing the relationship between mathematics, art and sport, making fun to help students acquainted with the live face of science, besides introducing students to the science of mathematics.

Mathematical science is one of the oldest sciences in the history of humanity. We live nested with mathematics in every area of our lives from past to present. When we look at nature, or while doing physical exercise or going to the shopping, we are faced with mathematics constantly. Many vital activities, such as what time we would go to work, how tall we are, how much food we eat are directly related to mathematics. Math has an important place in our lives: however, it is not concretized enough. Because of that mathematics is becoming a nightmare for students. Negative attitude towards mathematics, which starts especially the first years of primary education and goes on all lifetime, can fragile and can be converted to become positive.

Nowadays, the importance of science education is increasing. Training students in this direction and being structured with regard to this are also pretty important. The target population of this project is the fourth elementary classes. By taking into consideration the developmental characteristics of the students, as a target population, especially the period when students pass from concrete degree to abstract degree has been chosen. With the activities under this project, concretization of abstract concepts is planned.

Under the project, students are trained in a full day with TÜBİTAK’s support. The period of study is planned within the framework of school training hours. In this process of education, the students will participate many activities such as mathematical games, drama, math workshops and the activities, which combine technology and mathematics. In order to determine the changing students’ attitudes and academic knowledge in this educational process, “I am learning, having fun” the achievement test and “Mathematics Attitude Test” will be applied.


  • My Angles
  • Mathematics and Geometrical Shapes
  • Generating My Geometrical Shape
  • How Many Dimensions Do I Have?
  •  My Geometry Word