The Ankara Declaration

Children and young people are living in today’s world and will live in the world of tomorrow. We are the custodians of our children’s future.
From the earliest age possible, ALL children should have the chance to be in touch with academic thinking, to engage with scientists, artists, practitioners, researchers, students and research institutions. It is our shared responsibility to make children and young people, whatever their background, aware of their educational opportunities and to support them to realise their potential. They should be inspired and empowered to recognise their strengths, their value and power for society as researchers, students, practitioners, artists, scientists and thinkers for the future.
Our learning culture changes through communication and dialogue and all players in our educational and research systems (policy makers, universities, schools, informal learning environments etc) have to reflect on their capacity to listen to, to understand and be responsive to children.
Children and young people are particularly open-minded and creative and are the best witnesses of their hopes, as well as their difficulties. They are the catalysts for change; it is time for all of us to learn from them, and with them.
This declaration was adopted at the
SiS Catalyst and EUCU.NET Joint Conference 2011.
Ankara, Turkey – November 2011
You can read and download the Declaration in pdf format here.