(Established on 17. 06.2009)

Children’s Universities are educational projects which are getting increasingly widespread at the universities all around the world.

A Children’s University is an organization, which aims to introduce children to the basic skills of life; such as scientific and critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, questioning, curiosity and problem solving. Children’s University intends to achieve its goals in a way that children can learn by doing, experiencing, having fun and being in contact with the atmosphere of the university. Thus Children’s University introduces children to the fun side of science and art at an early age.

In this organization, teaching staff and students of the university transfer their experience and knowledge to the children and youngsters in a way, which will make them interested in science, scientific thinking and art. The main purpose of Children’s University is to make the scientific method, the attributes of scientific knowledge and basics of creative thinking to be accessible for children and youngsters. Whether in science or in art, creating something new or unique requires to be able to make new connections with the existing knowledge, so this program is based on two subjects; science and art.

At Children’s University, scientific knowledge will be shared in a way that will encourage creative thinking, and science will become something tangible and observable for children. Thus it is shown that science and art are not just property of a few people and out of real life; on the contrary they are in every aspect of our everyday life. Consequently a cliched thought such as science is unreachable or art does not have an important role for the development of the individual are subsided .