• The main aim of the Coordinator of the Children’s Science Center (children’s university) is to ensure that children meet the definition of the university with an entertaining dimension of science and art. In line with this basic objective;
  • To strengthen the university’s ties with society,
  • Providing children who will take place in the society in the near future as speaking adults, with social, cultural and scientific developments, acquiring knowledge about the nature of knowledge,
  • To create a multiplier effect with the reflections of society,
  • To gain skills such as scientific and critical thinking, creativity, judgment, questioning, asking questions, hearing curiosity, solving problems by making, living and having fun to children,
  • To support the sharing of scientific knowledge in a way that supports creativity and creative thinking,
  • To make science and art concrete for children in a new and attractive way,
  • To be able to show that science and art are not a monopoly of a group of people and that it is not a place outside of life, but that they are among the subjects of interest in almost every field of everyday life,
  • It is aimed to break down prejudices as science is unattainable or art has no important place in the development of the individual.