Instructor : Assist Prof. Dr. Aykut KALAYCIOĞLU
Age: 10-12 Years
Education Period: 14 Weeks ( Per Week 1 Day)

Creative Ideas is, developed for the children of 10-12 age group, aims children develop awareness of everyday technology that surrounds our lives, and to promote the use of technology for production purposes, not for consumption.

In the scope of project, starting with children in the production of electricity, given practical training about signals, the receivertransmitter pair, and the sensors. Basic knowledge of technology, everyday life and children is associated with nature, with the information they receive training in basic electronic circuits as a result of consolidation they find technological solutions to problems observed in everyday lives.

Technological concepts are being taught as a play with the support of drama taking into account the developmental characteristics of children and technology related to the program based on age groups, first each subject introduced with play, and then given concrete form with information and examples of everyday life and to be used in solving the problems in our lives in accordance with field studies.

Creative Ideas, to be implemented as a one day a week program for a total of 15 weeks in fall and spring semesters and each weekday for a total of 15 days in winter and summer periods.


– Information about the concept of electricity, production and transmission
– Occupational safety
– Electricity production with kits in the lab
– The characteristics of electricity and making measurements in the lab
– Information about the basic electronic circuit construction materials and basic Electronic Circuit Building
– Field Trip – Hydropower Plant
– The concepts of signal and receiver-transmitter
– Electrical signals and signals information and properties, applications of measurement of electrical signals
– RF, laser, infrared and Ultrasound Signal Learning, Using Receiver-Transmitter Kits
– Field Trip – Radio Station
– What is a sensor?
– Field Trip – Shopping Center
– Sensor Kits
– Teaching of Basic Electronic Circuit Building- Burning Lamp in the dark
– Why the devices we use everyday in our lives are the result of inquiry, access to the whole of the work piece
– Students participating in the program, creative ideas, before inventions, preinvention process, investigation and evaluation
– Access to the machine parts to the whole observation process, learning pay attention to the production of a machine
– Field Trip – Factory
– Invention Game-groups will produce the ideas put forward invention solutions to the problems

– Discussion of ideas and invention enquiries
– The concept of integrated applications, sites and discussion of examples
– Practical work done on the invention technical design
– Implementation of Technical design
– Implementation and installation of mechanical equipment
– Construction of User guide
– Exhibition of invention and make presentations, cocktail parties and certificate ceremony