Ankara University Children’s Science Center (Children’s University) the Coordinator of the programs,School of the Philosophy,Saving Detectives, School of Earth Sciences and Creative Ideas Programs were attended between 15-20 July 2012 at Children’s University event in Vienna. Vienna University Children’s Programs, activities, invited part of the activities carried out during the summer of this year, this time carried out by the Turkish children who are living in Vienna.

 On 16 July 2012 Creative Ideas (Uzm.Umut Oğur) program Scientists Invention How Do They Do? The training is made to work with.Creating awareness about solving problems using technology in daily life to the study and production of creative ideas for using technology to consumers instead has been emphasized of the development.
 On 17 July  realized training Saving Detectives (Uzm.Umut Oğur) the program “What Makes Energy Valuable?” The 10-12 age group has made the subject of an activity for children.Generation of energy and saving energy issues with help of the drama and fun activities have been met with interest by the training team in the Vienna.
On 19 July Soil Science School (Prof. Dr. Sevinç Arcak) and the School of Philosophy (Prof. Dr. Sabri Büyükdüvenci) programs have been carried out in accordance with 10-12 age group workshops with children.
Program Of Soil Science School “Soil is important for us?” How did the land the subject of the workshop conducted? Was started with the question.1 cm of soil can occur many years and has been discussed a long time in the soil consists of a very short time how necessary conservation and protection activities related to the negativities that may occur when our lives are made. Each plant is different to grow about the importance of soil fun and experimental activities were carried out. Activities have been met with great interest by the children.
School of Philosophy program is composed of two sessions “What is it Good and Bad?”During the study sought answers to different questions they tried to emphasize that children have different opinions is made.The idea that there are instead of accepting,fundamental issues to debate,to consider,emphasis was placed on developing thinking skills to learn critical thinking.
All programs work has been completed successfully.Programs while continuing work TRT AVAZ also monitorized all the work and with deputy coordinator Uzm.Umut Oğur gave an interview about Children’s University. European Children’s University in the coming period between the two Children’s University among the founding members of the network are carried out the necessary work to continue the cooperation.