Program Leader : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dilek ACER
Age: 5-6 Years
Education Period: 10 Half Days

Let us discover concepts of design, model building construction; in short architecture. Design is a fact that exists in, the glass we hold in our hands, to the computer we use, from the chair we sit on, to the spaces we live in; in short, in every part of our lives.

It is extremely important to support and develop this skill in every human being, who is inborn designers.

Because design is a process that ensures the strength for the survival of societies which are in a terrific competition at the present time, and which needs the appropriate and significant immense use of lots of skills; for starters creativity and problem solving.

Children and Architecture consists of a program which is based on a multiple intelligence based Project, that aims to transform the children into individuals who are sensitive to the culture and the world they live in, and who can design the educational environment when they are presented, which gives the children the skills and information related to design.

Activities in this program include applications, which combine different disciplines such as architecture and mathematics, science, social sciences and art.

Children learn the basic concepts related to design and recognize that design is the result of a series of choices, by participating in the applications in an active way. Children and Architecture also includes processes related to the development of the skills; learning by visual thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, group interaction and communication.

The program, which will be applied at Children and Architecture;
–  Assumes all human beings as designers whether they have or don’t have an
architecture degree, and allows these people to design the places they are present
by using their creativity.
–  Allows the designs to emerge which supports the children at every developmental
field; starting from problem solving, by thinking every environment as a learning

Cities, streets, houses, schools, parks, bridges are architectural structures, which we walk, sleep, eat, travel, work; in short live in. At Children and Architecture; children acquire awareness about different architectural structures, and knowledge about the functions of these structures, with lots of activities of architecture samples from our country and around the world.

By designing model buildings and structures themselves they learn the mathematical concepts and the history of buildings. In the designing process; children gave shape to the designs they will make, taking into account their interests, wishes and needs according to the structures they will live in.

This process serves for our children, who are the adults of tomorrow to develop sensitivity to their environment and to transform their environment more efficiently, rather than for a final product. Next generation will have more opportunity to live their lives wisely if they are more sensitive to the environment they live in, which consists of architectural structures, and if they have the chance to think and speak what they feel about architectural structures.

Basic methods that will be used at Children and Architecture are; walks, trips, model building, cartography (adding images to the textures), drawings and visual presentations. While they are improving their designing skills, children will discover the light, shadow, shapes, sound and colors. At individual and group projects, children will design structures such as houses, parks, bridges, schools and so on.