The “Ankara Science Festival” organized under our coordination and TUBITAK 4007 Call was held on 28-29 September 2017 at Ankara University Tandoğan Campus Güneş Square. After the opening speeches and the folk show, the awards were presented for the winners of the Painting Competition. Subsequently, the participating students participated in the workshops. To Is there anyone who does not like mathematics? from Water School, to Astronomy School, from the Insect Festival School,  there were a lot of workshops where there were art events such as ebru and origami, as well as informative stands, in addition to many school workshops in our coordination office. Parallel to the workshops, various experiments were held with the children in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Pharmacy. Stuffed Animal Museum, Herbarium and Pharmacy Museum children’s participation opened. In addition to this, various panels and conferences were held and the event ended with an evaluation session on September 29th.