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Architecture Education Continues!

17 November 2106  17 students from the College of TÜZYEKSAV  began to train the Architecture School of education continues.Children’s creativity is supported every week on Thursdays between 10.00-12.30. After the event scheduled to end on December 22, the children’s activities will be exhibited at the beginning of our coordination.

My Little Friends Insects Science School

My Little Friends Insects Science School On December 9, 2016, 25 students from Mamak Middle School were trained. After completing the training, the students who took their certificates left our coordinator.


1010As the Coordinator of the Children’s Science Center, we participated in the 7th Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition.Within the scope of the exhibition, the Children Science Center Coordinator and the description videos of the affiliated science schools were shared with children, parents and educators, and brochures containing information on coordination were distributed.In addition to […]

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